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I write in both Danish and English, so you might find some articles on my English site that aren’t on my Danish site and vice-versa. We are working on translating them all. Until then you can switch to my Danish site and try to read some of my old articles with the help of Google Translate 🙂

Travelblog about life and death, gratefulness and places – 2020 weeks 35-36

In this blog post, I share our journey through two weeks of late summer 2020. I take you to some nature sights of Denmark, write about experiencing Shakespeare with children, share the meaningfulness of boardgames, celebrate anniversary and birthdays, and share how it feels to visit parents. I reflect upon the life of change, the nomadic choice, how it affects us, and how it makes sense.
September 6, 2020/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Sharing on Sundays – post covid writing – 2020 week 34

Sharing on Sundays used to be a great habit. Then my father died, and I tried to continue, but then Corona hit, and now I have loads of half-finished texts and nothing new on the blog. This Sunday I set the intention of finishing a small text, and re-install the habit.
August 23, 2020/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Breaking the silence – my personal COVID response

Upon two months of silence, I review the value of vulnerability and why I started blogging in the first place. It is about how a stranger can hurt you, and also about how it is and always will be your own responsibility to choose how to react and whether you want to grow from the situation or not.
May 17, 2020/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Reality of Buslife – 2020 week 7

But life realities of solar system troubleshooting and friends visiting from Denmark, the love of the full time traveling life and the focus you would need anywhere.
February 17, 2020/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Worldschooling – 2020 week 6

Worldschooling is such a huge theme. It is not just a question of education, it is a question of being. In this life. In an alternative way. With the home base on the planet, eternally changing location, yet staying with ourselves.
February 9, 2020/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Hacks on Happiness – 2020 week 4

Happiness is not about pure luck and uncontrollable fortunate circumstances. Living a truly happy life is about focus, choice, willingness to let go and to work for it. It is about knowing thyself and about truly choosing it, being willing to let go of anything getting in the way. Also if it is yourself.
February 2, 2020/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Nomadic reality – 2020 week 3

This is a true travel blog post. It is about what happened, where we were, how it made us feel. But it is not your average adventure story, it is about the reality of being a nomadic family living life with no address.
January 19, 2020/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

The loss of a father – 2020 weeks 1 & 2

I lost my Father, and for a while myself. This very short sharing blog post is about how we slowly recover and return to our own truth, how traveling and doing our own thing has healing powers for the soul.
January 12, 2020/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad
Getting Things Done

Getting things done – 2019 week 48

Why do tasks and projects and stuff keep accumulating in our life? Why was this not fixed by moving into a bus and set out to travel the world? Did nothing change, is it not possible to learn something new, so that life becomes simpler and to-do lists shorter? What does it take, and how do we do it?
December 1, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Appearance matters – Week 2019 / 46

How do we attend to our appearance without becoming superficial and/or shallow? Can we hold on to our inner truth, yet concern ourselves with outer appearance? Will the practicalities of life consume us, or can we stay present and alert, while yet neat and nice?
November 17, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Places and people – week 45 / 2019

The moving around makes every day new. Every location opens our eyes, and the fact, we might leave in only a few hours makes us alert and present. Living in different locations, and also under different conditions, makes us very flexible and also very strong. We can do about anything, we feel.
November 10, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Not on vacation – week 44 / 2019

The life as digital nomad might look like a very very long vacation. It is not. It is another format for living. Unschooling, perfect timing, inner peace, and adventure do not derive automatically from the traveling, it takes inner work, it takes focus, it takes good strategies. Read on and learn how we do it.
November 3, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Worldschool Family Summit Granada – week 2019 / 42

Worldschool family summit was first of all friendships, community, likeminded people. It turned us around in many ways, yet it put us back to who we really are.
October 20, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

East, West and Home – week 2019 / 38

It seems basic to have a home, but what does it really mean? After a year as digital nomads in a tiny house on wheels, our perspective has changed. Read on and learn, what we learned and how it changed us.
September 22, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad
Bonfire all together, the good old way to share social moments

Living with strangers – the how and the why.

I find it intriguing: What is a stranger anyway? In the 80s we said: “A stranger is a friend, you have yet to meet”. Is it that simple? If so, maybe I do not need to write this blog post, because we all know already?
September 21, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

The one year mark and how it changed our perspective

What do you think happens, when you let go of everyday life, leave the "rat-race" and start living the dream, traveling in a big bus with online income, sunshine, and beaches. Read on to see how it changed our perspectives.
August 21, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Shakespeare and friends – week 2019 / 31

A story about how art can heal and a note on how to always be at the right place at the right time. How the full time travel life makes us confront all that is needed, so we can grow and flow.
August 9, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

How we ended up in Tarascon, Midi Pyrenees, France

When you think you are going somewhere, and you are actually going somewhere else. When you think you know, what you are doing and why, and you realize, Cosmos just had another plan.
July 21, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Embrace the adventure – week 2019 / 29

Road Tripping while already living as travelers is just as amazing, but more peaceful, more blessed, more amazing and calmer. Join our adventures in the green van, as we found a little piece of heaven in the Catalan Pyrenees.
July 18, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Week 21 – Unschooling and responsibility

The question of parental responsibility in the context of the unschooling philosophy is quite complicated. To find the solution, we need to begin with core values. If we are just afraid of "ruling", we the adults become unclear and vague, and that will ruin the joy of life. And the unschooling as well.
May 27, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

week 15 – Slow traveling, nomadic relations and the question of home

Within 24 hours we decided to sell our former home and my mother died. The latter being of most importance. It has been wild in my mind, rapid change, loads of emotion, reflection, processing. In this context, I want to share important stuff: The hard questions, the complicated emotions.
May 21, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Week 14 – The nomadic choice

Why would you leave a perfectly happy life to move into a bus and go travel full time? Welcome to our story, our core values, our reflections, and our doubt.
April 17, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Week 13 – Reflections on unschooling

Unschooling is a core element in our life. We have been living without schools for many years, and in this blog post we share some of our experiences with the lifestyle, and let you in on how traveling has changed the unschooling.
April 5, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Week 12 – The travel adventure has become living adventure

Something feels so right and so perfect about the 'tiny living', with the home in the bus, the exploring of the world and of the ways of life, this change makes possible. We are grateful to be home in our converted bus and in Catalonia with the people, we have grown to love here.
March 30, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Su Casa es mi Casa – week 6/2019

Join us to learn, what we learned, when we moved in with strangers, just because it felt right. A new adventure begins. On so many levels.
February 20, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Siblings without jealousy

Sibling jealousy is rarely about the relationship between siblings. It is about the child experiencing that it is not seen by mother and / or father.
February 13, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Week 2 – Birthday Reflections

The changes in our feelings towards birthdays, and reflections on how the cultural code of birthday celebration changes our perspective. We are grateful for the adventure and strive to live all days to the fullest.
February 6, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Week 5 – The Sacred Family

La Sagrada Familia, the truly amazing Cathedral and the Sacred Family feeling all came together this week, and we had to bow our heads with appreciation
January 31, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Week 1 – Creatures of happiness

Happy by choise and by deliberate focus, we are creatures of happiness, choosing forever to stay in the joy and harmony and to live life to the fullest.
January 31, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Week 52 – A peaceful Christmas far away from home

How to orchestra the holidays when traveling with children, how to find peace and sacred celebration, while being far away from home, and why it is worth it. The art of letting go and letting in.
January 21, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad
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