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I advise personally and from the heart, present and freeing.

We live an absolutely brilliant life. Really. We are out of the Matrix, out of the box, happy and free. Ready for transformations even bigger, ready to bask on hot rocks and hike in mountains, ready for passion fruits and friendships, ready to be ready.

We love to share, and in my work, that’s exactly what I do. I share. I share my thorough experience and knowledge, my focused and strong vibration, my field of experience and my light.

I know the way out of the darkness and the frustrations, the way to your true self, the way you must go, to live an amazing life. And it’s not for everyone to sell everything and go out into the world with the kids. In reality, it is not happiness. If you can’t be happy at home on the couch or on the road in Netto, you can’t be happy on a mountain top on a South Sea island.

I look forward to helping you.


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“You are so good for the peace of my soul.“

– Mette, has been through a coaching course


  • Walk and Talk: Individual conversations

    If you are ready to travel into your very best life, book a time for a personal conversation. It costs 150 Euro for a call, about 60 minutes.

    The conversations take place on the phone, where I call you at the agreed time. I recommend you go for a walk in a beautiful and undisturbed place, preferably in nature. Even if you get disturbed along the way, it doesn’t matter much. The hack at talk and talk is that you move around in the physical universe and that you move your body. It makes your mind much more susceptible to change and we work more efficiently. At my end, I always find myself in a beautiful, high vibrating place and do the same: Go for a walk, quite simple. I take the energy from these fantastic locations into the conversation and it supports and promises. When we talk on the phone together and both walk away, the process we work on is both easier and smoother, and also more focused. Nothing gets in the way, we come straight to the case, and that’s great. I have many years of experience working in this way and prefer it to work in clinic face to face.

  • Walk and Talk: Individual courses

    I offer a 10-tour voucher at a greatly reduced price, 1275 Euro for 10 calls. The premise is that we talk together every week so we get pushed in the process and the transformation flows. A single cancellation does not cost a cut, but the idea of the 10-trip card is that you have to work intensively with your processes for a period of time. The goal is to create results and the desired change in your life as soon as possible. The second time you buy a 10-trip ticket, we can lower the frequency depending on your need.

“Thank you for your time and your thoughts, which have already made a huge impact on the agenda here at home. I’m glad we found you. “

Maj My Midtgaard HumaidanAuthor and journalist

“It is always exciting and inspiring to be at a workshop at Cecilie. I have rarely met belly for fire soul and fan bearer. She acts with heart (without fear!) And possesses an exceptional presence as well as a spectacular ability to see clearly. She is one of the most ‘relevant’ and life-wise people I have met in the field of children. “

Cathrine LegardhHas attended workshop

“I got the confidence back and the gut feeling back”

“In this life, we meet so many rules and raised index fingers, frames and systems – often stuck out by different authorities, which make it very difficult to find out what is up and down.

Cecilie then just takes life: straightforward and delicious and views it from a completely different angle. She writes, speaks, advises in a way that connects me to an ancient knowledge, a primacy – a love deep inside.

And I am sure that life is really simple, that I know very well in which way to go. Of course life is not always simple, but Cecilie makes it simple anyway, gets rid of all the noise and gives me back the confidence and gut feeling. ”-

Linda Maluka

Latest articles

I write in both Danish and English, so you might find some articles on my English site that aren’t on my danish site and vice-versa. We are working on translating them all. Until then you can switch to my Danish site and try to read some of my old articles with the help of Google Translate 🙂

Places and people – week 45 / 2019

The moving around makes every day new. Every location opens our eyes, and the fact, we might leave in only a few hours makes us alert and present. Living in different locations, and also under different conditions, makes us very flexible and also very strong. We can do about anything, we feel.
November 27, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Not on vacation – week 44 / 2019

The life as digital nomad might look like a very very long vacation. It is not. It is another format for living. Unschooling, perfect timing, inner peace, and adventure do not derive automatically from the traveling, it takes inner work, it takes focus, it takes good strategies. Read on and learn how we do it.
November 3, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Worldschool Family Summit Granada – week 42 / 2019

Worldschool family summit was first of all friendships, community, likeminded people. It turned us around in many ways, yet it put us back to who we really are.
October 31, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

Week 38 – East, West and Home

It seems basic to have a home, but what does it really mean? After a year as digital nomads in a tiny house on wheels, our perspective has changed. Read on and learn, what we learned and how it changed us.
October 10, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad
Bonfire all together, the good old way to share social moments

Living with strangers – the how and the why.

I find it intriguing: What is a stranger anyway? In the 80s we said: “A stranger is a friend, you have yet to meet”. Is it that simple? If so, maybe I do not need to write this blog post, because we all know already?
September 21, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad

The one year mark and how it changed our perspective

What do you think happens, when you let go of everyday life, leave the "rat-race" and start living the dream, traveling in a big bus with online income, sunshine, and beaches. Read on to see how it changed our perspectives.
August 21, 2019/by Cecilie Felumb Conrad
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